Tuesday 25 September 2012

Prescot Resignalling

The resignalling work was completed at the weekend, and Prescot Box is now closed.  In addition to the changes at Prescot, the gantry at Huyton Junction which has for many years supported just one semaphore signal now has none, and the other three semaphores controlled by Huyton have also gone.  Hopefully I'll take a ride up the line soon to get more details of the changes.

Update:  I have now been for a trip and there isn't that much to report, just a smattering of new signal posts.  I am disappointed that the opportunity to insert more sections, thereby increasing capacity, doesn't seem to have been taken - I used to commute along here and my journeys towards Huyton were almost always delayed waiting for the preceding train to clear.  And while I'm having a moan, the displays at Prescot are not linked to the signalling system - I watched a train shown as on time until a couple of minutes after its scheduled time, whereupon it was replaced on the display by the next train.  The errant service finally appeared fifteen minutes later.