Friday 8 March 2013

Huyton/Roby Extra Tracks Progress

Work has been proceeding rapidly on the additional track(s) through Huyton and Roby.  Much of the former trackbed has been dug out, and many shrubs and substantial trees have been hacked down.

Here are the old platforms at Roby, looking east towards Huyton.  Since this picture was taken, the undergrowth has been cleared and the the platforms can be seen to be in remarkably good condition.

A train leaves Roby towards Huyton, with the cleared trackbed stretching away into the distance on the left.

Looking towards Roby from Huyton.

At Huyton the old north side subway entrance has been re-opened.  So far there's no sign of re-opening this into the current subway.

I think subway work at Huyton will have to be completed early in the project as the busy public pedestrian underpass will need to be closed and altered before the additional track(s) can pass over.  An extended station subway could be used as a diversionary route.