Friday 13 October 2017


A brief visit to Lime Street today revealed the following:

The track in platform 7 (old number) has been replaced, it was missing earlier in the week.  The edging still needs to be done:
I was surprised to see that not only have they dug out the trackbed through the little arch at the far end of new platforms 7 and 8, but they have laid track and connected it up, because a train of ballast hoppers was on platform 8 (new) with a loco in the throat out of sight from the camera:
The 14.45 to Wigan was a class 156:
I keep hoping I've had my last ride home on a diesel, but they keep turning up.  I think the diagram must go somewhere not electrified, because this service was a 156 yesterday as well, so it doesn't look like a substitution for a failed 319.