Monday 11 August 2014

Live Signalling Diagram

Some readers of this blog will have already realised that I have for some time been playing with the open data which Network Rail make available.  It's about time I shared some of my results, so I though I'd offer my live signalling diagram for your entertainment.  Here's a screenshot - Not much going on at three in the morning during an engineering possession, I'm afraid.

To see for yourself, go to

Please note:
  • This is very much experimental software, and I am still working on it, so it may change, fail, or disappear at any time.
  • It's a bit finicky about browsers, IE 9 and Firefox 31 seem to be OK.
  • The server is a very low performance one.  If I see signs of overloading, I will have to turn off the service, without warning.

With those points in mind, why not have a look?  Let me know how you get on.