Thursday 28 December 2017

Lime Street Progress

I visited Lime Street to see what changes were made over Christmas.  In summary:-

  • Platform 6 (Old number) is closed.
  • New platform 8 is opened.
  • Old platform 8 is renumbered 9 and re-opened.
  • Platform 9 (Old number) is closed.

Work on demolishing the existing platform 6 is well under way.  It is to be rebuilt longer and straighter and will be numbered 5 in the new layout:

The brand new platform 8 and the former platform 8 now numbered 9 share this island:

This ugly board is to hide the platform 7 (old number) exit signal which is just behind the right hand edge of the panel in this shot, from trains leaving the new platforms 7 and 8 on the track nearest the camera:

Some new departure panels have been added at the concourse end, still wrapped in bubblewrap today: