Monday 27 January 2014

New Timetable

Details of the new timetable, valid 18th May to 13th December, are appearing in the schedule database.  At this early stage they must be considered provisional.

Points noted so far are:
  • The service at Huyton is pretty much unchanged but the actual times of many trains have moved by a few minutes.  The bustitution of late evening trains Sunday to Thursday continues.  Personally, I think it's a bit odd that the timings which have served for a number of years are being tweaked in what could, after all,  be the last diesel timetable for these routes.
  • Sunday trains are restored between Liverpool and Manchester via Earlestown and between Liverpool and Wigan.
  • Manchester Airport / Scotland services continue to be routed via Golborne, of course.  They are now recorded in the database as 100 mph EMUs.  (As expected, no sign of 110 mph scheduling.)
  • There's no indication in the data yet of a blockade for the remodelling of Huyton Junction.  I imagine this will require a long weekend at the very least, and more likely a whole week.