Saturday 23 January 2016

Short Notice Service Changes

Last January I grumbled about significant changes to the service with only 48 hours notice.  Well they're at it again.

Later today I'm off to Manchester.  When I planned the trip on Tuesday, the Liverpool to Manchester stopping trains were diverted from Manchester Victoria to terminate at Oxford Road instead. 

This morning I went to look up times for my return trip.  That's odd, there's no service home from Oxford Road.   And my morning train runs to Victoria.  My first thought was that I'd entered the wrong date when I originally checked the train times.  However, a little research in my timetable database showed that news of the cancellation of the diversions had been delivered on Thursday morning.

Further investigation reveals that Saturday diversions to Oxford Road have been cancelled for 23rd and 30th January and 6th February, but at the time of writing remain in place on 13th February.