Sunday 24 September 2017

Five Days To Go

OK, OK, five and a half days!

I paid a visit to Huyton today to see how things are going.  The overnight possession last night was released late, wrecking the service until 10:00.

The electrification equipment at Huyton Junction looks ready, or as ready as it can be before the blockade actually starts.
In this picture just east of Huyton you can see:
  1. Top right, a gallows support from the south side, no changes required.
  2. Right hand mast, planted in the middle of the future fourth track, to be removed.
  3. Left hand mast and short gallows, new support for third and fourth track catenary.
When I was at the station a team of signalling people were testing cables for the new signals, perhaps they were pulled through last night.  Lots of shouts of "There's a ten core plus a two core for the feather" but they didn't reveal any new signal numbers while I was listening.