Sunday 8 December 2013

Phase One - At Last!

5T91 23:09 Ardwick Traction Maintenance Depot to Wigan North Western has just passed along the phase one route from Castlefield Junction to Lowton Junction, running about 15 minutes early.  This train is booked to be a Class 350 EMU.

I'm hoping someone was out to see it to confirm it was electric, but I think this is probably the trial run we have been waiting for.

Two further runs are booked tonight:
5X90 23:51 Wigan North Western to Manchester Oxford Road
5X91 00:33 Manchester Oxford Road to Preston Carriage Sidings

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that this was a 350.  And here it is at Eccles - Picture courtesy of Network Rail:
An "invited guests" run is scheduled for Thursday daytime.