Monday 9 April 2018

"New" Train

A Class 323 unit was out and about on driver training duties today.  The schedules have been in the timetable for a few weeks but I think today is the first time they've actually operated.

I took a couple of photos at Huyton:

Lime Street Update

Lime Street was closed on Sunday to allow a couple of changes to take place.  Platform 4 has closed for widening work, and the widened platform 6 has re-opened.

Parts of platform 4 have been demolished already, and the track has been lifted.  (When rebuilt, this will be platform 3)

Platform 6, which was annoyingly narrow in places, has been widened by moving the track into where the siding was.  It will be numbered 5 when the whole project is complete.

Wednesday 4 April 2018

New Timetable - Version 2.0

The second attempt at the new timetable, valid from 20 May, has arrived in the database at last.  As I said in February, there are too many changes for me to describe here so you can see what is intended for your local station on my Open Rail website, just enter your station and a date after 20 May.

If previous releases are anything to go by, there will be a number of tweaks and adjustments over the next few weeks, as minor errors are corrected.