Sunday 28 December 2014

Next Timetable

The next timetable (valid from 17th May 2015 until 12th December) is beginning to appear in my schedule database.   At this early stage all information must be considered provisional.

From a first glance at the times for Huyton, they appear to be exactly the same as the current timetable.  Except that the late evening services Sunday to Thursday are trains.

There have been rumours recently about the Liverpool to Warrington Bank Quay service being withdrawn in favour of another Liverpool/Manchester stopper.  Another rumour suggested combining these into a Liverpool - Bank Quay - Manchester all stations service.  Neither of these changes appears in the timetable so far.

I note with some amusement that the timetable planners still haven't been told about the new layout at Huyton, and are therefore still showing up trains on platform 2.  No doubt we'll get the same nonsense of the departure screens showing the wrong platforms as we did at the last timetable change, earlier this month.

I just want to emphasise once again that the information released this morning is liable to alteration and should not be relied upon.