Wednesday 27 June 2018

Lime Street Work Continues

Work is proceeding at Lime Street.

In the northern shed only one departure signal remains - LS91 is still in use at the end of platform 1, all the others have been removed.  LS91 will also go in a couple of week's time.  Work on the extension of the platform 2/3 island is getting on, the wall on the north side extends all the way to the tunnel mouth:
Instructions for the workers are painted on the platform!
The temporary signals have only a couple of weeks more before they are removed:

Elsewhere in the station and throat, the overhead is almost all shiny new copper, platform 7 (old number) has been resurfaced and work is going on everywhere.

Monday 11 June 2018

Lime Street Phase Two Progress

Liverpool Lime Street re-opened to trains today, with a limited service operating from platforms one and two along a single line to Edge Hill.  This is exactly the same temporary arrangement as operated in October last year.

I took a ride into town to see how work is progressing.

As you can see, the tracks to platform 2 (old number) have been lifted and the only access to that platform is by the temporary crossover from platform 1 (old number).  Construction of the extension and widening of the platform 2 and 3 (old numbers) island is well under way and has already obliterated the original access to platform 2.
The new edge for platform 4 (old number) is well on it way to completion, although there's a gap at the concourse end:
Meanwhile, on the other side of the station an array of on-track machinery is parked in platforms 8 and 9 (new numbers):
Finally, on the concourse work on the former Burger King and Coopers bar is progressing.  I believe this is to become the Virgin customer service office and first class lounge: