Monday 16 June 2014

Huyton Countdown - 28 Days

With 28 days to go until the new layout is operational, things are moving on as scheduled.  Today, the public subway was closed, and it is expected to be closed for a week.  The station subway re-opened, but only between platforms 1 and 2, the original section to platform 4 remains closed at the moment.  (None of the lifts are ready yet.)

There is a new temporary ramp, opened for the first time today, from Blacklow Brow leading to the ticket office and to the re-built stairs down to the subway.

The old ramp leading to platform 2 is closed and can now be demolished, along with the temporary footpath which is currently obstructing the new trackbed and the construction of part of platform 3.

So, a pedestrian wishing to walk from the south side to the north side starts with the new ramp, then down the stairs, through the subway, up to platform 2, along the platform towards Liverpool, across the "bridge" to platform 4, and then back along the full length of platform 4 to the new northern access.  I would advise any locals to go round via Archway Road - As indeed I will be doing this evening on my way to the pub.

Elsewhere in the area, there are plenty of new signals, mostly folded down but with one or two standing up.  Miscellaneous switch and crossing panels are stacked on the third track, near Huyton and at Roby Junction.  Mast bases are getting closer and closer, but so far they are avoiding Huyton Junction and Roby Junction.