Friday 11 July 2014

Blockade Day 7

I visited Huyton station once again today:

Line 1 (Down Chat Moss Fast) is back in place, it has been relaid through the station, unlike line 2 (Down Chat Moss Slow) where the original track remains alongside the platform.
As you can see, line 1 still awaits ballasting, but is otherwise complete.

Here are the two signals just east of Huyton station.  The far one is for Up trains on line 3 (Up Chat Moss) with a position 1 junction indicator for trains towards Wigan.  The nearer one seems to be a new head on the original structure.  It is for trains reversing in platform 2 before heading towards Manchester.

NEWSFLASH FOR DATA GEEKS:  Since 11:25 this morning the Network Rail train describer data feed has been showing describer heartbeat and other signalling messages from describer "M1" which I believe is the new signalling here at Huyton.

UPDATE 19:30:  Line 1 has been ballasted during the afternoon.