Wednesday 25 February 2015

Passenger Service Next Week?

The test runs were successful on Monday night, and another test run, which included the Earlestown West curve and a run to Warrington Bank Quay, took place on Tuesday night.

The general consensus seems to be that we can expect the first passenger-carrying 319 to be the 06:16 Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Airport on Monday 2 March.

The following services are expected to be usually worked by 319s on Mondays to Fridays up until the May timetable change, when more will be introduced:

The 0616, 0716, 0916, 1215, 1416, 1516 1713 and 1814 from Lime Street,
and the 0735, 0840, 1040, 1340, 1540, 1640, 1840 and 1940 from Manchester Airport.

Update:  The rumour mill now seems to think Monday is off due to last minute paperwork problems;  maybe Thursday instead?