Friday, 28 December 2012

Wires Up!

The first catenary of the project has been erected at Castlefield Junction (Not Deansgate Junction as I originally posted - That's somewhere else entirely.)

Update:  I've now been for a quick visit to Castlefield and I can report that a very short length of catenary has been erected at the Deansgate end of the viaduct.

The wires run from Castlefield Junction, so presumably future works will not need any closures of the Warrington line, although they may require the power to be switched off - I didn't spot a neutral section.


  1. As you note, the catenary runs a short length along the viaduct. No wires around Ordsall Lane Junction, but some pretty heavy duty gantries are in place now across the diverging lines to Salford Crescent/Eccles.

    There seemed to be a missing diamond-crossing near Salford Crescent today (replaced with straight line), meaning that most northbound trains from Victoria were unable to call at Salford Central and were instead running via Ordsall Lane.

    1. I travelled to Manchester along this line today, as you say the wires at Castlefield are the only ones so far.

      In addition to the problems at Salfrod Cresecent there was a points failure at the west end of Victoria this afternoon, so it was absolute chaos!