Tuesday, 27 May 2014

First 319 Delayed

The transfer north of 319361, which was scheduled for 1 May, was cancelled and the set remained in service.  Modern Railways reports that the lease was transferred to Northern as intended, but the unit has been leased back to First Capital Connect for "around a month".

I look forward to receiving reports of a 319 at Allerton any day now...


  1. As well as the 319's, I'm rather surprised that they couldn't bring up some Class 317's currently in store up North.

    Whilst not perfect, they would still prove of far more use up here than simply languishing in storage.

  2. If they had their way we'd still be using horse & trap i reckon.

  3. Limey, all the stored 317s are being used again

  4. I've heard on the grapevine that 319361 is set to arrive about 19th June.

  5. I've now had word that 319361 is set to move up north in the early hours of tomorrow morning, with headcode 5X19.

    1. Thanks for that. See my new blog entry at the same time as yours.