Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Phase Two Wires Up!

Newsflash:  Correspondents inform me that half a mile of overhead wiring has been installed on the up line east of Bryn, the first on phase two.  So far it's just return wire, no catenary or contact wires yet.
Update 09 May:  Return wires extend through Bryn and Garwsood stations.
Update 19 May:  Catenary now also in position.


  1. I've also had word that there is a shorter stretch of catenary in place to the west of Bryn.

  2. I'm a driver based at lime st.it'll be good to have mixed traction once more.just a pity it's taken as long as this but we are north of watford.

  3. I've just heard there is now pickup/contact wire now in place on the stretch of catenary in place on the line going towards Wigan.

  4. The latest is that the Liverpool -bound line at Garswood now has catenary and contact wire in place.