Friday, 23 January 2015

First Service Sweepstake

Way back in November I commented on the delays to phase two and suggested the week commencing 9 February for the first electric services, to coincide with the reopening of Manchester Airport.

As time has moved on I have thought this less and less likely, but today's news that the fourth and last portal has been erected on Sankey Viaduct, coupled with the very short notice closure this Sunday, means I can't quite rule it out yet.

There are three weekends left, could that possibly enough?  I suggest we will need to see wires up at Huyton this weekend, and probably further Sunday closures, if there is to be any chance.

Edit:  Well, it didn't take long for those comments to go out of date!  Network Rail have confirmed Sunday and Friday evening closures up until 1 March so I think we can be pretty confident there won't be an electric service until after then.

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