Thursday, 8 January 2015

Liverpool - Blackpool Service to be Curtailed ?

A news item on the Northern Rail website today (See here.) boasts of a number of schemes to provide additional capacity in Northern's services.

One item caught my eye:  "Refreshed electric trains will be rolled out on the Liverpool - Preston service in the autumn."  I'd not noticed this plan before, is it new?  Does this mean no more Liverpool - Blackpool services?  Or are they just referring to the three or four rush hour trains which run Liverpool - Preston?

The early draft of the May to December timetable currently available shows the same through service as operates currently.


  1. Makes you wonder why they are bothering to electrify between Preston to Blackpool.

    1. I would hope that the service would be restored once the electrification reaches Blackpool.

  2. I've got over an hour there on me break tomorrow.Time for a stroll & a spot of shopping methinks.A lovely prelude into me long weekend too. ;-)