Sunday, 3 May 2015


Engineering diversions have routed Liverpool to Euston services via the L & M today, so we have an hourly service of Pendolinos using our new electrification.  Here's 1A20 10:43 Liverpool Lime Street High Level to Euston cruising through a rather grey Huyton.


  1. I have heard from the forums that there will be no rail services at weekends between the end of October until the start of the December timetable.

    Could prove very disruptive for the Christmas period.

    1. As often happens, the forums are months behind, and inaccurate. The timetable database has shown for some months that there will be little or no trains through Ordsall Lane junction on weekends from the end of October until the new timetable. I have no info as to what happens after the timetable change.