Monday, 23 October 2017

Lime Street New Layout

This morning's restart of normal services did not go well, a number of cancellations and an awful lot of late running, although none of this seemed to be related to the new layout at Lime Street.

I took a trip down to Lime Street to see things for myself.  Starting at Platforms 1 and 2 (Using the old platform numbers.) the temporary signals are bagged and the crossover is fixed out of use:
Looking out from the end of platform 2 you can see the layout for platforms 1 to 4 is unchanged:
There's quite a lot of work to be done on the two new platforms, although the track is in place and connected up:
At the far end of platform 7 you can see the new layout:
Platform 8 is currently closed, 9 is in use:
Finally, walking to the end of nine revealed a new mast base for the electrification of the new platforms:
I have updated my live map to reflect the new situation.


  1. Great to see the redevelopment work at Lime Street, looking forward to the station being 11 platforms strong. Keep up the good work look forward to your updates for Lime Street and Hutton, though I guess that's more or less complete.

    1. I'm afraid we're only getting ten platforms, not eleven, as the existing P1 will be lost next year. (According the plans I've seen.)

  2. Replies
    1. I understand P2 and P3 (old numbers) will be made much longer, with the platform extended up to the "rathole". P1 will have to go to allow this.