Friday 28 September 2018

New Train

Not strictly relevant to this blog, as they probably won't be running on our routes, but I was interested to see a new Class 195 DMU pass through Huyton on test today:
These units are expected to be deployed on the Liverpool to Manchester Airport via Warrington Central service, perhaps later this year.

The units are known as "Civity" and are built by CAF in Irun, Spain for Northern.


  1. This is the same train I saw going eastwards past St Helens Junction the other day.

  2. Does this mean reduced capacity on the Lime St -Warrington- Manchester Airport route?
    Usually now 4 carriages, but will only be 3 carriages when these new trains are introduced?

    1. Of course there could be the prospect of 2 x 2-car 195s that would offer similar if not a small increase in capacity in comparison to the current class 156s.

  3. These trains wont replace 4 car electric 319's on ELECTRIFIED routes such as lime street - man vic and man airport and blackpool / preston. These lines have been electrified (modernised) to replace diesel train in particular class 142 railbuses all of which are to be withdrawn in the next 18 months.These new class 195s will be used on routes that are diesel domains.

  4. Yes that is my point. The Liverpool to Man. Airport via Warrington Central is a diesel route. Currently most trains are 4 carriages (2 x Class 156 DMU's). If these are replaced by 3 carriage Class 195's then capacity is reduced on a very busy service particularly in the peak hours.
    I think it would have been better if the order for Class 195's had been for 3 & 4 carriage units rather than 2 or 3 carriage units. Its very short sighted considering that most trains today are overcrowded for much of the time.

  5. Maybe class class 769 converted 319's with diesel gensets added, 4 coach bi-modes will be used, northern have ordered 8 units according to rail 862.

  6. 195103 was in Lime Street a few minutes ago.

  7. They have now also started testing the new 331's on this line too.