Sunday 14 October 2018

Lime Street Platform One Opened

This morning 2A92 1030 Liverpool Lime Street to Wilmslow, formed by 319382, was the first public working out of the new extended platform one at Lime Street.

These three pictures were taken on the following Tuesday:


  1. Great to see the finished layout of the 10 platform Lime Street Station, is there any work left to be done, I know the lines and platforms are done. Is all the signalling between LLS and Weaver junction finished and has the work on the station itself been completed. Are the extended TPE services using Class 68's expected to use P1 and 2. Looking forward to the new services and stock in the next year or so, hope the folks re timetabling things dont have any more snafu's.

    1. There remains work to be completed at Lime Street, including the promised supermarket.

      As to the signalling, there is lots more to do, although I'm not sure if some has been cancelled. Edge Hill and Allerton are still locally controlled at the moment, I think.